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Welcome! We are one of the smallest publishing houses in Japan. We hope our books cheer up the readers who live in complicated societies. Our history has come out in "The Smallest Publisher in Japan" from Shobunsha.
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old age

映画がわたしを変えた ダンナがうつで死んじゃった わたし自身の愛し方 受験を150%人生に活かす本
非常本 感染弱者のための新型インフルエンザ対策
福祉の仮面 あるばむ 介護専門職のための利用者本位の介護技術 いけいけ!ボランティアナース 要介護認定調査の実務とポイント
ヘッドハンターが教える チャンスの扉を開く人 覗く人 閉じる人 ヘッドハンターが教える チャンスの扉を開く人 覗く人 閉じる人 いじめはなくせる マンガで気楽にビジネスマナー入門 日本でいちばん小さな出版社
人情心意気 炭を飾る 佃島・月島游記 月島再発見学

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"Massoud - An Intimate Portrait of the Legendary Afghan Leader
by Marcela Grad. Japanese translation by Anika editorial team.
Stories told by those who actually knew Commander Masoud. Originally published in US.
ISBN978-4-901964-27-2. 3,200 Yen.

"Rediscover Tsukishima
by Hideaki Shimura
Realize again the attraction of Tsukishima by discovering it's culture, history and social life.
ISBN978-4-901964-26-5. 1,800 Yen.

"Practical Approach for Nursing Care Inspection (revised version with more information)
by Hiroyuki Kimura
How to carry out a nursing care inspection efficiently. Questioning order and apt terms to get the right respond.
ISBN978-4-901964-28-9. 2,500 Yen.

"Tsukishima Monja Complete Guidance
by Anika editorial team
Best guidance about Monja, nostalgic and evolutional "downtown soulfood".
ISBN978-4-901964-22-7. 900 Yen.

"A movie changed my life - Natsuko in The Noisy Requiem"

by Mamiko Kawazoe
Touching life of the woman played the part of Natsuko, a dwarf girl in Yoshihiko Matsui's legendary cult movie.
ISBN978-4-901964-21-0. 1,800 Yen.

"Business Etiquette with Manga"
by Chilmil, Naoko Murakami
Easy leaning textbook of business etiquette for newly employed youngster. With Japanese 4 frames comic.
ISBN978-4-901964-19-7. 1,400 Yen.

"We can exterminate bullying"
by Takahiro Ohnishi
What a teacher can and should do in his/her class room to light up every child.
ISBN978-4-901964-17-3. 1,600 Yen..

"Preventive measures against influnza"
by Takehiko Yamamura
Practical advices for the high risk group and related premises. Medical precaution and necessary actions in the risk management view.
ISBN978-4-901964-16-6. 1,800 Yen.

"How to make use of examinations 150% more in your life"
by Takahiro Tsuda
Comical essay about his young life full of typical exams in Japan, and its fruits other than results.
ISBN978-4-901964-15-9. 1,200 Yen.

"How to love yourself"
by Fumiyo Okamoto
Guide to talk with yourself and have happy daylife. Gentle guide in counselling style.
ISBN978-4-901964-14-2. 1400 Yen.

"Strolling in Tsukudajima and Tsukishima"
by Shin Kishikawa
Sentimental essay about Tokyo downtown, Tsukuda and Tsukishima. Fascinating people, scene, matsuri, etc.
ISBN978-4-901964-13-5. 1,800 Yen.

"Decorate your home with charcoal"
by Kazushi Ninomiya
Photo essay about interior decoration using charcoals (Binchotan) in various shapes. Very fasionable Japanese style.
ISBN978-4-901964-12-8. 1,600 Yen.

"The emergency book"
by Takehiko Yamamura
How to survive after a disaster and reconstruct your life, to contact parted families, to get government support, etc.
ISBN978-4-901964-10-4. 1,200 Yen.

"Go! Go! Nurse Volunteer"
by Yumi Sugawara
Story about Cannus, the first voluntary group by retired nurses in Japan, moving on home nursing.
ISBN978-4-901964-09-8. 1,600 Yen.

"Heart & spirit"
by Sanyutei Horaku
Essay about Japanese heart, sprits, filial piety, mutual help, generousity, etc. along popular Rakugo stories.
ISBN978-4-901964-08-1. 2,000 Yen.

"Make use of opportunity or not - Distinction by a headhunter"
by Yoshihiro Mori
What is head hunting? Who is the wanted by companies? How can you prevent missing your chance.
ISBN978-1-901964-07-4. 1,500 Yen.

"My husband died of depression"
by Hiromi Kimura
Confession documentary about pains and worries under the pressure to care the seriously depressed husband with warm heart.
ISBN978-4-901964-05-0. 1,600 Yen.

"Album - People have unfailing stories"
by Yoko Kusui & Hiroshi Minamikawa
Ultimate picturebook for elderly people. Scenery colleciton of their good old days.
ISBN978-4-901964-02-9. 1,600 Yen.

"Nursing care technique for the professional nursing staffs"
by Yuji Wata
Collection of the popular seminar. Useful advices for professional care after principles of the clients.
ISBN978-4-901964-04-3. 2,000 Yen.

"Mask of Welfare"
by Enpitsu Nakazawa
Collection of round table talk by various staffs in nursing business. Candid comments for reflection.
ISBN978-4-901964-01-2. 1,400 Yen.

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(Note: our books are written in Japanese.)

"Rediscover Tsukishima"
"Practical Approach for Nursing Care Inspection"
"Tsukishima Monja Complete Guidance"
"Thoughts on Elvis Presley's Albums"
"A movie changed my life - Natsuko in The Noisy Requiem"
"Business Etiquette with Manga"
"We can exterminate bullying"
"Preventive measures against influnza"
"How to make use of examinations 150% more in your life"
"How to love yourself"
"Strolling in Tsukudajima and Tsukishima"
"Decorate your home with charcoal"
"The emergency book"
"Go! Go! Nurse volunteer"
"Heart & spirit"
"Make use of opportunity or not"
"My husband died of depression"
"Album - People have unfailing stories"
"Nursing care technique for the professional nursing staffs"
"Mask of Welfare"

■ Company information
Name Anika Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-3-5 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo #101-0047
Phone/Fax 03-3688-9930 / 03-3688-9931
Established April 12, 1998
Managing Director Mika Yamauchi
Capital 30 million Yen